Better Globe

For every case purchased we plant a tree with BETTER GLOBE


A more sustainable way of travelling.

We all love travelling and we love our planet too. Fruitcase® is not going to save the world, but we are doing our bit to offset some of the emissions around making the case and the miles it will travel, by planting a tree.

We have teamed up with Better Globe to invest in our plant’s future by planting trees in one of Better Globe’s plantations in Africa. This tree will not only help address the challenges of erosion, desertification and global warming, but it will make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of local African communities.

The tree your Fruitcase® enables and hundreds of thousands of others like it will help to establish jobs and be a foundation of local economies.



Any future profit from harvesting the products of the trees will be reinvested into yet more trees in Africa.

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