In 2014, Fruitcase® grew from a seed of an idea between two friends. Both keen travellers who'd grown tired of dull and boring luggage.

Instead they wanted something colourful, fun, and able to withstand the rigours of travel.

Four years of careful research and product development followed, from which their idea germinated into what would become Fruitcase.

An eye-catching piece of luggage inspired by nature, designed for functionality, built with quality components, that’s fruity inside and out.

packing fun

Our Concept is Simple

Take a fruit, add a handle and four wheels, and you’ve got a Fruitcase. A suitcase that is beautiful inside and out, practical, extremely strong, and easy to maintain.

We Believe in

Bringing smiles to the faces of independent explorers as they discover the world. Our cheerful cases are full of the promise of sunshine and new adventures just around the corner.

Preserving our planet so future generations can enjoy and discover the places we cherish. We are committed to lightening our environmental footprint in how we create our products, go about our business and the causes we choose to support.

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