About Us

Fruitcase® was founded in 2014 by two friends with a love of travelling. Jonathan Nyman and Jacob Boston were tired of dull and boring luggage and wanted to create something which was both colourful and fun.

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Yes, producing cases causes some damage to the environment however attentive we may be to issues of sustainability. The case is made from 100% recyclable materials, but for us that was not enough.

Planting Trees

Fruitcase® has entered into a partnership with Better Globe, a company that plants trees in Africa. Its aim is to eradicate poverty and corruption by providing jobs, establishing micro finance banks and building and renovating schools.

For every Fruitcase® sold, we plant a tree in one of Better Globe’s plantations. As the trees produces harvest, such as fruit and timber that are refined and sold, an element of the profit is invested back into yet more trees, reducing emissions even further.