Watermelon Fruitcase

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The Watermelon Fruitcase® is our fruitiest case yet. With its bright and instantly noticeable melon skin design outside and the flesh and seeds design inside, your luggage is bound to stand out in the crowd. The light weight and low-noise wheels ensure maximum manoeuvrability, yet this is one of the toughest cases around complete with a five-year guarantee. For each Fruitcase® purchased, we plant a tree in Africa to help offset the emissions associated with the production of the case and the journeys it will make.


4 x Hinomoto low-noise wheels
Adjustable telescopic handle
Accepted as carry-on luggage by all major airlines.



2 x mesh dividers
100% cotton storage bag



Size (W x H x D): 535 x 335 x 200mm
Weight: 3.05kg
Volume: 35 litres
Materials: 4-ply Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate shell, YKK zipper.


Fruity Facts

Watermelon – drink of the pharaohs

Unlike other fruits, watermelons can remain edible for weeks or even months if kept in a cool, shaded area. The Egyptians were drawn to the fruit for the same reason, which is why we find remnants of watermelons in their tombs. The Pharaohs had a long journey ahead of them in the Afterlife and needed a source of water that would quench their thirst. Nowadays, Japanese farmers grow their watermelons in square boxes for easy stacking and storing...

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